When To Fertilize Your Lawn In The Spring

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and — if we’re lucky — the grass is looking a little less brown than it did a week ago. This is a tell-tale sign that it’s nearing the optimal time to fertilize your lawn. So in saying that, let’s dive right in…

Do your due diligence

It’s extremely important that you’ve given your lawn a thorough raking before you apply any seeding, soil or fertilizer. So, before you get too far into this article, make sure you’ve already given your lawn a good rake.

Let nature be your guide

Mother Nature sure seems to get her way, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Having said that, she’s also a fantastic guide for all of us homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. When you start to see colours changing and bits of greenery beginning to sprout in your garden, this is Mother Nature’s way of tapping you on the shoulder and saying “it’s time to fertilize your lawn.”

Get technical

If you really want to get technical about it, the most optimal time to fertilize your lawn is when the soil’s core temperature reaches 55°F.

The best type to buy

At this time of year, the best type of fertilizer to apply is slow release fertilizer. We suggest this because slow release fertilizers break down their nutrients over longer periods of time, allowing you the ability to wait longer between your fertilizer applications.

In conclusion…

We suggest mid-April to be the best possible time for you to fertilize your lawn.


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