At Lawn Care Alert, we know how popular a past-time gardening is. Many people thoroughly enjoy toiling on their plot of land to beautify their landscape. The simple act of taking on “down-to-earth” chores such as pulling weeds or turning soil can reacquaint you with nature and invigorate you through exercise.

Sometimes your ambitious landscape project can seem a tad overwhelming. Let’s face it; landscaping is demanding, both physically and mentally. With limited time and manpower, your plans to cultivate your backyard paradise may fail to get off the ground.

That’s where Lawn Care Alert comes in. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can add the finishing touches. Our hard-working team of landscapers has the experience and customer-first attitude to help transform your garden dreams into a reality.

Our services are diverse and numerous. From helping you select and plant the right flowers, enrich your soil or design and install interlocking brick, we’ve got you covered.

Landscaping Design

At Lawn Care Alert, we understand that life is becoming ever-more fast paced and demanding. After an arduous day in the office, wouldn’t it be nice to arrive home to your very own backyard sanctuary? You’ve got the aspiration for an idyllic outdoor living space; Lawn Care Alert has the landscape design experts to make it a reality. Our unique selling point is our commitment to making your one-of-a-kind situation and vision our priority. We collaborate with you and embrace your ideas in order to develop the perfect landscape design for your property. At Lawn Care Alert, we work for you. You decide the project scope. You decide your level of involvement. We listen – and act accordingly.

Landscape Design Process

Our tried and true three-step landscape design process helps ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and to specification. Our multi-stage landscape design process is as follows:

1. Conduct a site assessment where we will take photographs and measurements of your property. We will perform an informal interview to understand better your tastes, budget, and your living circumstances (e.g. do you need a space for your children or a place to entertain, etc.).

2. By taking photographs and incorporating your input, we will use our landscaping software to create a customized design of both the hardscapes (walkways, patios) and soft scapes (gardens, trees and plants).

3. With the initial landscape design completed, we will arrange a follow-up meeting to give you the run down on our blueprint. At this stage, you’re feedback is crucial. We want you to feel we have captured your vision and will make revisions in order to meet or exceed your expectations. Our landscape design experts will walk you through the property to explain the details and answer any questions you may have.

At Lawn Care Alert, we are committed to ensuring our landscaping designs capture your outdoor vision, and we won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied.

Landscape Construction

We know you work tirelessly to maintain your landscape. With so much effort expended, you deserve to revel in the fruits of your labour and show off your landscape to friends, family, and neighbours.

Sometimes there’s a key ingredient missing to your landscape. If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance of your front or back yard, interlocking brick, stone or patterned concrete can be the finishing touch that transforms your landscape from average to awesome.

Our interlocking pavers and patterned concrete experts will work with you to come up with a unique design that will enhance your curb appeal. There are various reasons which you might consider having interlocking brick or patterned concrete installed, such as:

  • Paving around pools
  • Creating multi or single level patios
  • Walkways out to the garden
  • Driveways

Patterned concrete can fade over time and in the winter can often be slippery. However, at Lawn Care Alert, we select particular colours and use hardeners which retain colour over time. Additionally, we use a range of products to increase the grit of your concrete, preventing costly slips and falls during the winter months.

At Lawn Care Alert, we can help you with all of your patterned concrete and interlocking brick or stone needs. Our experienced interlocking and real pattern experts deliver exceptional results through meticulous workmanship.

After hiring us, you can expect the highest level of personal service and overall value, no matter the project. At Lawn Care Alert, we have the experience and knowledge to complete your hardscaping project on-time and within budget, going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Our interlocking and patterned concrete experts believe there’s no better way to add a touch of elegance to your property than through interlocking brick, stone or patterned concrete.

Our professional staff can lend a hand with all phases of project planning, and are available to provide a free-of-charge estimate at your request.

Let’s talk about all your property needs