How to Help Your Fence Survive a Windstorm


This week’s crazy windstorm may have had you thinking “we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!” However, all jokes aside the heavy winds caused some serious damage to fences in the GTA. Here’s a few easy steps you can follow to help your fence survive a windstorm:


Trim trees close to your fence

This will prevent them from falling and crushing one or more sections of the fence.  Also, remove any dead and dying trees near the fence as there are chances that they can fall at the time of a storm.


Remove loose objects from your yard

Strong winds can make objects fly into your fence. Move patio furniture, swing-sets, trashcans, or anything else loose in your yard to an enclosed space like a garage or shed.


Inspect your fence

Check your fence for any loose panels or posts as they can easily detach in high winds and become a hazard. Fix or remove any loose sections.


Secure your gates

If your gate is not closed and locked, it can swing open and closed during a windstorm causing damage to your fence. We suggest using a padlock or chain to secure your gate during heavy winds.


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