The Best Time to Water Your Lawn - Our Practical Guide

August 26, 2020
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Watering your lawn may seem like a simple and straightforward task, yet it may not be as simple as you think. Similar to the plants that you grow in your garden, it has certain needs you should meet for it to grow. One popular question that homeowners often have is when is the best time to moisten their turf. This is primarily because some homeowners would prefer to water the plants early in the morning while others do it late in the evening.

Before getting into the specifics of watering, let’s first talk about the common misconceptions about lawn watering first. 

Common Misconceptions About Lawn Watering

There are many myths surrounding grass watering. One of the most common is that there’s no reason to wet the garden because the rain will naturally provide it with water. The thing is, it’s not always raining, so what happens when it doesn’t rain for a few weeks, especially during the summer? This is why you shouldn’t skip on watering your plants. Just keep an eye on weather updates so that you know when to tend to your yard and when you shouldn’t. 

Another point is that the amount of water you supply your lawn is not based on the season. It has nothing to do with the season but it has everything to do with the amount of moisture present in the soil. Regardless of the season, just focus on giving your grass what it needs to grow. An exception to this is during the winter when there is really no need to water your grass because it goes dormant this time of the year. The cool temperature can keep the soil from drying out. 

Some people think that the best method to moisten the grass is by hand. But is it, really? The reason this is not the best idea is that the yard may not receive a sufficient amount of water when done by hand. This is why it’s safe to consider installing sprinklers in your garden as they mimic slow yet soaking rain that will give your grass enough water to thrive. 

Now, to the main question, when is the best time to water the grass? 

The Best Time To Water Your Grass

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t proceed with watering your grass between 10 am and 6 pm as it is during these times when the EvapoTranspiration (ET) is highest. The best period to water is between 5 am and 9 am because the ET is lowest during these times. Do not moisten late in the evening because it can promote diseases on your grass. 


Watering your lawn is essential, which is why you need to know the best time to carry out the process. However, you can’t just dampen your lawn anytime you want or let the rain give it water. There are specific considerations you need to take. Along with this, it’s also vital to know the common misconceptions about lawn watering that we’ve discussed above. The more you know about how you should properly water your grass, the more it will thrive. When your garden thrives, you’ll have a healthy-looking lawn that you can spend time in especially during the summer. 

Taking care of your grass is as important as taking care of other plants in your yard. If you want a good-looking lawn, be sure to maintain them well. 

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