Our Guide on How to Maintain an Impeccable Lawn

September 23, 2020
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A well-kept yard: If you were to paint a picture of a photogenic property that ticked all the boxes, it wouldn’t be complete without this staple feature. 

Whether you have a commercial property that needs a fix-up or a home that’s due for some TLC, a front lawn that’s as kempt will always fall perfectly in place. For any property in Ontario that has an open space that can be worked with, every opportunity to have a well-kept yard is one that must not be overlooked. 

As nice as it may sound to have a picture-perfect lawn that is the envy of all your neighbours, the truth is that it’s harder than it sounds, unless you focus on the essentials.

Too lazy? Tired? No worries, you can still have a beautiful yard

Although you might feel a slight aversion towards maintaining your property’s lawn because of how much effort it may require, the truth is that you can still have a great-looking yard without spreading yourself thin.

If you want to make sure that your yard looks great all-year-round but don’t want to put in more effort than the bare minimum, here are three critical tasks that you’ll need to carry out: 

Task #1: Lawn Mowing

Out of all the different tasks that you’ll need to consider when taking care of your property’s lawn, the most fundamental one that you can never overlook is lawn mowing. 

As compared to any other task that you’ll have to take care of, this rudimentary process is guaranteed to make the biggest difference in how your entire yard will look. With a clean mow every six to ten days, you can prevent your property’s front space from turning into a mini-jungle that looks unattractive. 

Task #2: Aeration

Although it may seem quite simple at first, aerating is actually the biggest difference-maker in the way your yard looks because of how it helps encourage healthy growth. 

By punching small holes into the ground’s surface with a special aerating tool that can buy from the local hardware or gardening store, you allow nutrients and water to reach the ground’s roots. Once you get the hang of doing this task regularly, you’ll get to grow a fuller, thicker, and healthier lawn that’s as green as grass should be!

Task #3: Tree and shrub pruning

Often considered as the “sibling” of lawn mowing, tree and shrub pruning prevents these parts of your yard from becoming overgrown and making it look like a haunted forest. 

With the help of a professional pruner’s skills, you can keep your trees and shrubs prim and proper so that they maintain a clean look that completes your lawn. Apart from making your yard look good, however, this task also helps ensure that your trees and shrubs don’t get close to power lines that can cause fires or electricity shortages!

Task #4: Calling Lawn Care Alert

At one point or another, there is some much that can be done to your property’s lawn until you call the services of an expert who can help you get everything done. When you call Lawn Care Alert, you enlist the services of experts who can provide a personalized experience that will get your lawn in perfect condition while you focus on other tasks!


As difficult as it may sound to take care of your property’s lawn and keep it in impeccable shape throughout the year, the reality is that brushing up on the fundamentals can go a long way. With the help of the three tasks mentioned above, you can keep your commercial or residential property’s front-facing spaces in an award-winning shape without tiring yourself out! 

If you're looking for expert lawn care services in Burlington, Ontario, that can help keep your property's yard in impeccable shape, our experts are here to help take care of your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can best serve your needs!

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