Lawn Care: Why Your Yard Requires a Seasonal Cleanup

March 31, 2021
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When spring and fall come, most of us start planning out some seasonal cleaning activities in our home. Just like how we want the inside of the house to be clean, the outside should also be kept tidy and organized. Seasonal yard cleanups are an important part of taking good care of your home. 

The Impact of Seasonal Yard Cleanup

A seasonal yard cleanup helps allow new growth, decrease some possible health risks, and get rid of the weeds. It is also essential in ensuring that your yard will look tidier and more pleasing to the eye. 

The grass can be blanketed by organic matter, dead leaves, and debris, serving as a barrier between it and the sunlight. This barrier also blocks out oxygen, water, and other important nutrients that help the grass grow and survive. If disregarded for some time, this blanket of debris and matter can also cause harm to your lawn. 

Pruning and trimming shrubs and trees will also help get back your lawn in shape 

Dried or dying leaves and flower heads can impact the rest of the plant by acquiring important nutrients that the living parts of the plants need. This is why you need to prune or trim the dead flowers and branches to allow buds' new growth.

Seasonal yard cleanup is also an effective way to alleviate irritating weeds in the garden

To avoid fighting for important nutrients and resources such as sunlight and water, weeds must be kept under control. Weeds can spread in a rapid state when left unattended. When weeds overcrowd the lawn, the other plants will be starved, and their healthy growth can be hampered. Weeds should be pulled out during a seasonal cleanup. It will also be helpful if you spread a layer of mulch in landscape beds to cover out weeds and prevent them from squeezing within your garden plants.

Seasonal yard cleanup can reduce potential health risks

Leaf debris and clutter can result in serious problems for your lawn, garden plants, and even the health of your loved ones. The rotting leaves can lead to a damp blanket where moisture can accumulate. This can serve as an ideal breeding ground for mould and fungi. Mould is known to be dangerous and toxic to plants and human health, too. 

Not only that, but the accumulation of dried leaves, debris, and other organic matter can create a sanctuary for dangerous pests, such as snakes, spiders, and other insects. A child playing or wandering around the yard can be at risk of coming into contact with these pests. Once bitten, they can feel very ill and may experience even serious complications. It is vital to remove the clutter to remove the threat of being harmed by pests and insects.


We all want to have a clean yard that is not only pleasing to the eye but is also safe for the whole family. Seasonal yard cleanups can help ensure that your yard will look gorgeous. It can also eliminate weeds, dangerous insects, and even moulds and fungi that can pose a danger to your health. To achieve top-notch lawn care, you should get a reliable lawn and property maintenance service.

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