Beginner's Lawn Care 101: Why Dogs and Lawns Don't Mix

September 2, 2020
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Owning pets is a tremendous responsibility since it will affect different aspects of your lifestyle. For example, dogs need plenty of accommodation, both indoors and outdoors. Because of this, you should make sure that both your dog and property agree with each other. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that your dog’s convenience isn’t compromised and that your lawn’s condition doesn’t deteriorate.

The problem with dogs and lawns

Just like humans, dogs need to poop and urinate. Unlike smaller animals, such as cats or birds, dogs enjoy a natural environment where they can mark their territory.

Unfortunately, dog urine has a high concentration of nitrogen. Because of this, your pet's urine can burn your lawn with an excessive amount of nitrogen. Although it can fertilize some parts of your soil, it still does a considerable amount of damage to stunting your grass’s growth.

Even if you assign specific places where your pet dog can urinate, the effects of the nitrogen content in your soil will still spread out eventually. As a homeowner, you need to make adjustments on how you treat your dog and your lawn to make sure that both remain happy and healthy.

How can I protect my lawn from my dog’s urine?

The simplest way to protect your lawn is to dilute your pets’ urine by saturating it with water as soon as possible. This is also the procedure when dealing with spilled fertilizer. You can also plant burn-resistant grasses such as ryegrass and fescues, so you won’t have to worry too much about your lawn’s vulnerability. On the other hand, allowing your pet dog to drink plenty of water to dilute their urine’s strength is also a viable alternative.

If you keep a well-tended lawn, it will be easier for you to spot urinated areas or burns on your grasses. Make sure to trim it evenly and keep it clean from other contaminants that can negatively affect its health.

How can I prevent my dog from damaging my lawn?

Just like keeping a litter box for cats, you can direct your dogs to relieve themselves on specific areas on your lawn. If you know where they’ll deposit their poop and urine, you can prepare and layer mulch or pea gravel to reduce their excretions’ impact on your lawn.

Male dogs are more likely to urinate on plants, shrubs, and fences. On the other hand, female dogs relieve themselves more in open areas. Take note of their urinating preferences when overseeing where they pee in your lawn.

Additionally, you can adjust your dog’s diet to manage their protein intake. The nitrogen from urine is a byproduct of protein metabolism. Remember that you should always consult with your veterinarian if your dog can adapt to a specific diet. While you’re asking about your pet’s health, you can also ask the vet about food supplements that can bind and neutralize urine.


Dogs and lawns can be a match made in hell or heaven, depending on how well you care for both. As a homeowner and pet parent, you should always consider your two responsibilities and see how one affects the other. Consulting with experts, such as your vet and your local landscaping contractor, can help you make the right choices for your furry friend and your property’s lawn.

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