A Homeowner’s Guide to Grassy Weeds and Yard Maintenance

April 14, 2021
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One of the main thing homeowners like you should look into with spring yard cleanup and general outdoor maintenance is de-weeding grassy pests. While most households often do take the time to hand-pull them, the issue keeps coming back due to a lack of basic understanding of these types of weeds. It can lead to an unkempt outdoor space, affecting your gardening, landscaping, and the like. Thus, consider the following information to guide you through responsible lawn upkeep: 

1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass, as the name suggests, looks like crab’s legs that spout out of the yard out of nowhere. They can be an eyesore to look at because they stick out prominently, affecting your turf’s uniform appearance. Worse, they can sap out your soil’s nutrients, steal water from plants during the rainy season, and jeopardize your landscaping’s overall quality. If you don’t do anything to address the issue properly, the problem won’t go away. Even pulling them with your bare hands can leave the roots, allowing them to easily regenerate. 

To avoid crabgrass from growing in your yard, see to it that you have lawn maintenance professionals removing these weeds all year round. While they may often grow around June or July, you may also spot them during off-season months, primarily during the spring or summer. Ensure that you get in touch with your local yard upkeep experts to de-weed them properly and identify all crabgrass seedheads. 

2. Quackgrass

Quackgrass is a common weed often seen in many household yards due to its resilience in growth. They are thin underground rhizomes with deep root systems, meaning they are tougher to remove. You can expect to have a messy, unappealing yard when you let this kind of weed flourish. They can even be mistaken for crabgrass because of their similar properties as weeds to proliferate and choke out young seedlings and flowering plants. 

If you spot quackgrass in your residential premises, you can use herbicides to kill them easily. However, you have to be careful since you may end up killing surrounding greenery, which affects your yard’s condition. You may not even eliminate the weeds effectively. Thus, it would be recommended to ask your lawn care professionals for further assistance to supply you with the right solutions, whether that means sourcing effective weedkillers or doing the job themselves. 

3. Fescue grass

Fescue is a commonly known weed in the United States and Canada because of its ability to thrive in more temperate environments. They can even grow during periods of drought and lack of shade, making them more challenging to remove than other harmful vegetation. 

Thankfully, in some cases, this type of turf can be a welcome addition to your yard, but you have to find ways to manage it and ensure it doesn’t impede your other plant’s growth. Thus, you should adhere to lawn cutting and other maintenance protocols. If you want to remove it, contact your local landscaping company. 


You should do what you can to avoid grassy weeds from developing in your yard, especially if you want to maintain order and peace of mind. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the common culprits that may appear the next time you go out to do your gardening or work on your lawn. Remember to keep your eyes out for the weeds mentioned above and be proactive in preserving your outdoor spaces. 

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