A Guide to Lawn Care: Prevent Rain or Snow From Ruining Your Yard

March 24, 2021
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Spring has finally arrived in Canada. But that can only mean that with winter cold all gone, you will need to reassess the condition of your yard. Preparing to initiate lawn care is necessary to make way for the new season, where your flowers will be blooming for the next couple of months. 

In addition, spring is the time when you can expect to experience clear skies, sunny days, and occasional showers. Now that you can return to your routine of tending to your plants and rebuilding your yard’s appearance, you have the next few weeks to clear out what winter has left behind, such as traces of melted ice and puddles.

Keep reading below to find out the practices you can do to bring back your lawn, take care of the remnants of the cold season, and prepare your yard for a fresh start.

What to Do After Experiencing Snow

The cold season always takes a toll on every homeowner’s yard. Due to the extreme temperatures and the amount of snow your lawn went through for the past few months, you will need to work harder to manage your yard come springtime.

You can expect to find an array of problems in your yard after winter’s departure, such as a buildup of dead foliage, snow mould, bald or frozen patches, and flattened soil. While they aren’t that severe, you may want to seek help from landscaping companies to help you clean out your lawn and start anew.

Before you get to work, you have to make sure the leftover snow has entirely defrosted to avoid destroying your grass the moment you begin raking or mowing it. If you jump right into the maintenance when the snow is clearly still solid, you end up tearing your grass off and creating patches on your yard, which is the perfect spot for weeds to grow!

Mould can also occur due to the snow that winter left behind. If you see any grey or pink-coloured snow, it indicates the presence of fungus—which could be bad for your yard. Before it gets worse, you should get rid of it by performing a deep rake. If your soil becomes compressed, you can get it back to normal by aerating and filling the holes with a free-draining solution.

What to Do After Experiencing Rain

Besides experiencing snowy days during winter, you can also face rain showers, which is actually good for lawn maintenance while you’re on a break. But receiving too much rainwater can result in a waterlog, saturating your yard with too much water that your lawn becomes flooded.

It usually happens when your lawn contains clay or compacted soil. The water that ends up staying on the surface of your yard can lead to the presence of algae, lichens, liverworts, moss, tufts, and dry patches. Fortunately, you can still save your lawn by sweeping out all the excess water or aerating your lawn using power tools or hollow tiners.

After you bore holes in the ground, you should use free-draining materials to eliminate the surface water and drain them deeper into the earth. Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn to speed up the process of regaining your garden in time for spring.

You can prevent rainwater from damaging your lawn by hiring lawn care services to spike your yard every few years using a lawn feed and putting up a drainage system to minimize flooding. If your lawn becomes too damaged to salvage, you can consider getting a better turf instead.


You should strive to care for your lawn after each season that passes because it maintains the curb appeal of your home and keeps you safe and happy while living on your property. Whether you’re dealing with snow or rainfall, it’s integral that you know what to do so that come springtime, you’re ready to get back to work. If you don’t have enough time to manage your yard, you can call for a company that initiates a spring yard cleanup. 

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