5 Tips for Applying Mulch to Protect Your Home's Structure

October 7, 2020
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When it comes to landscaping or gardening, mulching is often a vital part of the overall equation. For the uninitiated, this entails applying layers of materials to your soil’s surface to allow soil moisture, fertility, and health. It also helps get rid of weed growth and infestation in your property, which ultimately enhances the curb appeal of your surroundings. 

However, the problem is that many homeowners think that mulch only attracts termites and other pests in their property. Despite this common notion, did you know that the mulch itself isn’t the main culprit? The chances are that the likes of termites, centipedes, earwigs, and other insects have long been taking space and thriving in your property, and they have affected your garden the most.

The good thing is that there are practical ways to protect your home from pests when applying mulch. Below are five practical tips for your consideration:

1. Don't pile mulch against your home's side

As per pest control companies, they highly advise never to put wood mulch beside your house as there's a higher chance of termites or other insects getting into your home. This is because termites are subterranean, and they love to keep themselves damp. The chances are that they'll pursue tunnelling activities under it and eventually take space in your humble abode. For this reason, be sure to perform mulching a bit farther from your home.

2. Set a buffer zone in place

If you need to put mulch near your house to boost your garden or encourage vegetation, the best course of action is to establish a buffer zone. To do this, you must have a bare ground about a foot long or wide between your house's foundation and the mulch. Likewise, make sure to have six inches of foundation between the ground and your siding to keep the moisture from seeping into the wood and chase the insects away.

3. Always keep the mulch dry

As mentioned above, termites and other insects are attracted to moist environments, not necessarily the wood mulch itself. As such, be sure to keep it as dry as possible by putting the layers about two inches or less and frequently rake them. Ultimately, doing so will make the area dry and aerated.

4. Avoid watering the house

As a rule of thumb, be sure to avoid hitting your house structures with water. The chances are that you aren't mindful of water getting in contact with your house exteriors. For instance, it's easy to install a sprinkler system for your garden that even eventually sprays your walls. Be sure to avoid doing this at all costs so that your structure remains dry!

5. Keep an eye on your foundation

Always be on the lookout for your home's foundation as there's a possibility of a termite colony. Whether it is inside or outside of your house, such pests can lead to potential damages and compromise your home’s structural integrity. With constant inspection, you'll mitigate termite presence before it quickly escalates into an infestation.


At this point, you now know what to do with your mulch application that will chase pests away and protect your home. All it takes is never to pile mulch against your house side, set a buffer zone in place, keep it always dry, avoid watering the house, and check your foundation. With all these in place, you'll ensure that mulching will take your curb appeal up a notch without compromising your home's structural integrity!

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