5 Practical Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

October 14, 2020
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Now that the winter is fast approaching, you must take this time to prepare for it. Your property needs to be ready for the snow that is to come, and one of the aspects at home to focus on is your lawn. When you protect your yard, it will be as lovely when the warm weather is back. 

Despite many homeowners letting their lawns be during the winter season, you can prepare it so it will be strong when the snow begins to clear. Here are five practical tips on how you can prepare your lawn for the winter:

Fertilize Your Lawn

A surefire way to make your lawn green and lush next season is to inject some nutrients into it through a fertilizer. You can do it before the winter comes and make sure to use an organic one that doesn’t contain phosphates. 

Cut Off Water 

You may or may not be aware, but you don’t need as much water on your lawn as you did during the summer! For this reason, it’s time to cut off the water by changing your irrigation schedule. Cut back on how much you use your sprinklers because you’re not going to need this when snow hits the ground. With that, it’s recommended you halt irrigation completely and drain your sprinkler system because the pipes can freeze and even become damaged. 

Do Lots Of Raking

Although fallen leaves on your garden may look beautiful during the autumn, you don’t want them to be there still when the first snow of the season hits the ground. Wet and frozen leaves can destroy your lawn, and it can turn into a large patch of dirt come springtime. Raking the leaves off the ground can be daunting, but consider it your workout during the fall before keeping yourself cozy at home during the cold months!

Cut The Grass

Your grass won’t grow too much from October through November, yet you should not assume that it doesn’t need trimming. Cut your grass short before the winter, and mow your grass every 10 to 14 days until all the leaves have fallen. 

It’s also important that you check the minimum recommended length for the type of grass you have, which is roughly around 0.75 inches for cool climates. Leaving the grass at this length will let the grass protect itself and help reduce fungus growth. Moreover, it can delay cutting until warmer weather comes. 

Build A Compost Pile

While cleaning your yard, be sure to add some of the browns that your compost needs. You can do this by gathering some leaves and adding them to the compost pile so that the leaves will prevent the grass from getting too wet. 


Your lawn is an essential part of your property, and you must take care of it. Remember that it’s not only about making it pretty, but these small steps will help ensure a healthier lawn that can care for itself with less work on your part. On top of that, during winter, you won’t be able to do much yard work, so your lawn must be able to survive and thrive afterwards when all the snow is gone!

By using the five practical tips shared above, you can easily get your lawn ready to survive the winter so that you can enjoy it when warmer weather comes along. By performing these yard works, you will also be able to save more money.

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