5 Essential Lawn-Care Tips to Help It Thrive Amid Summer

August 5, 2020
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Many homeowners often find it challenging to maintain a healthy green lawn, especially during the summer. During this season, it is common for landscapes to turn brown, yet there are various practical ways to prevent this from happening. Like all living things, grass needs water to survive, along with other nutrients to ensure that it grows healthy as well. 

If you want to ensure that you have a healthy yard all-year-round, here are five essential tips to consider in keeping your lawn from drying out:

Mow as Often as You Can

During the summer, your lawn often turns into its growth and maintenance modes, which is when it is trying to stay healthy. Despite the urge to mow during this season, remember to give it at least 10-12 days going forward before mowing. Keep in mind also to keep the grass at least 1/3 in its current length when you mow and only use sharpened blades. Cutting it off more than the advised length can stress it, which may lead to browning. 

Reduce the Amount of Watering

When you water your yard, make sure you do it in a way that soaks through the roots. Avoid frequent watering because doing this will only promote shallow root systems and weeds. Keep in mind that the more you water your grass, the faster it will grow. 

Water Early in the Day

When it comes to the time for watering the lawn, it is highly recommended that you do it early in the day. This is because watering the grass at night will increase its chances of getting diseases. 

The early times of the day are best for watering because this is when the lawn is normally wet from the dew. This is also when the grass grows, which makes it an excellent time to give your plants the water that they need. 

Feed Your Lawn with Nutrients

Keep in mind that it's not only from the fertilizer you use that lawns can get their nutrients from. You can also use grass seed and sea kelp to give the grass more food to thrive. Additionally, grass seed and sea kelp are more affordable, yet grass seeds may need to be applied more to get the same effect. 

Keep Track of Rainfall

Watering the yard when you anticipate rain soon is not a good practice. That is why you also need to keep track of rainfall in your neighbourhood. If you are planning to water your garden, yet there’s a chance it might rain later, make sure to water it sufficiently and not overdo it. 


Keeping your lawn healthy and green, especially during the drier months, may be time-consuming. However, an unhealthy yard can be a cause for sore eyes. By keeping your lawn healthy, it will only benefit your overall health and even increase your home’s value. The tips shared above will help you maintain a healthy garden, especially during the summer. 

You can also consider hiring a lawn mowing service to take the burden of moving off your shoulders, especially on busy days. However, make sure that you hire a reputable service to ensure that you get the best quality grass care. 

We offer weekly yard care services for all your yard and property needs, including grass cuts, fertilizing, lawn repairs, gardening and more. If you are looking for reliable lawn care services in Burlington, Ontario, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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