4 Ways to Maintain Your Lawn Before Winter Starts—Our Guide

November 17, 2020

The days are getting colder as the winter season is making its way—meaning you have to pay attention to your lawn care now to ensure that it’s well-prepared. However, you may not know a thing or two about what you need to do because there are not many who know about pre-winter lawn care! Fortunately for you, we have just the information you need.

This guide will provide you with four practical lawn care tips to do during the fall before winter fully settles in. Take this as an opportunity to maintain your lawn and make sure that it’s the best one in the neighbourhood!

Mow your lawn before winter 

Mowing your lawn before winter is a must, mainly because if you let the grass grow too long, it can be susceptible to fungus growth due to the snow’s high moisture content. During the fall season, you ideally want to mow your lawn every ten to fourteen days and maintain a grass length of around two centimetres. 

However, you may not have time to tend to your lawn because you also have to prepare the rest of your house for winter. Fortunately, there are lawn cutting services like ours that are available for your convenience. 

You don’t have to worry about any fall or winter mishaps with your lawn when you hire a lawn maintenance professional to handle the responsibility. You can ensure that the grass is the ideal length, and they also have precision lawn cutting tools that can quickly get the job done! Our lawn care team can also provide you with de-weeding and garden care services to ensure your lawn is well-maintained and ready for the winter season. 

Stop lawn irrigation

You no longer have to worry about your grass’s access to water because there is enough moisture and sunlight in the air during the fall season. However, there may be some exemptions because you have to remember that climate change can affect the weather in your area, meaning you may expect more humid days!

As such, be mindful of the weather conditions in your community. Either watch the local news or use your weather app on your mobile device. You can also hire our lawn care professionals who can provide you with the services tailored to your lawn’s health and the weather conditions. 

Focus on fertilizer and compost maintenance 

You need to put fertilizer on your lawn, and you need to clear all the dead leaves and branches. These are the things that will ensure that your grass thrives and your lawn is clean and vibrant. 

However, you need to be mindful of proper compost building and ensure that the fertilizer you use is an organic, non-chemical variant. You can also check out our blog to find other related information on the kinds of tools and services you need for high-quality lawn care. 

Leave the snow on your lawn once it comes 

Once the winter season starts to trickle in slowly, you may have the urge to remove snow; however, this is a big no-no because it acts as a protective covering for your grass against the harsh winter air and winds. If you shovel snow from your lawn, you may have to replant grass during the spring because your lawn will look barren and unkempt. 


Lawn care before winter is a tedious yet rewarding process that is worthwhile because it ensures that every corner of your property is well-maintained. However, you may need some professional assistance and solutions to guarantee your lawn is properly maintained. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and find lawn care experts that can help you manage your property. 

Are you looking for professional lawn care services in Ontario? We at Lawn Care Alert can provide you with just that! We have the best lawn care experts equipped with professional tools and expertise to ensure that your house lawn is the best in your neighbourhood. Contact us today to experience high-quality lawn care services!

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