4 Tips to Show More Love to Your Lawn During Fall - Our Guide

October 28, 2020
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Lawn care is something every homeowner should be doing if they care even slightly about their curb appeal. Not only that, but maintaining the lawn is a surefire way to ensure that no uninvited visitors hang around hiding in the grass, ready to strike people who walk by. In other words, lawn care is about aesthetics and safety, ensuring that homeowners can be fully proud of their home. 

That being said, the most critical time of the year you need to take care of your lawn is during the fall! This is when your lawn needs all the love it can get to survive the winter and still look great throughout the colder seasons.

If you are wondering how you can show more love to your lawn during fall, here are some lawn care tips you can try out!

1. Rake the leaves ASAP

When you start seeing leaves show up on your lawn, please do not waste any chances of raking them immediately. Leaving them there will only make things worse for you later on. For example, a layer of leaves is the perfect place for fungus to grow, not to mention a harbouring ground for pests. That said, the earlier you start raking, the less work you will have to do overall.

2. Allow air to penetrate the soil

Over time, the soil in your lawn can slowly pack together, forming an impenetrable wall where water, air, and nutrients have a tough time going down and reaching the roots. To make sure the soil is "loose" enough for these essentials to grow your plants, make sure to aerate them once in a while, especially during fall. You can do this by buying an aerator to carry out the task.

3. Add some fertilizer

Even if your plants start to slow their growth when temperatures drop, the roots will still grow at alarming rates. To facilitate this growth, always remember to fertilize them to ensure they stay healthy until spring comes around again. At the same time, do get rid of the weeds if possible, as they will do nothing more than steal these precious nutrients!

4. Fill in the missing spots

If you discover any spots in your lawn that are missing some grass, do get to repairing. This can quickly be done with a lawn repair mixture that is generally sold in many home centers. These products contain an all-in-one solution to grow grass that can quickly patch up your lawn! To use them, follow the instructions on the bag. If there is no instruction, then loosen up the soil in the appropriate area, add the mixture, and water every other day for at least 14 days unless it is raining a lot.


By following the above tips, you can ensure that your lawn remains aesthetically pleasing and ready to face the cold winter. When spring arrives, you will be happy to know that your lawn has survived and is ready for a whole new year. That being said, do not ever forget to mow your lawn! This will ensure your lawn remains tidy and that enough sunlight reaches the bottom of the grass. Just keep in mind not to trim too much at once. If, in any case, you do not have the time to do any of the above, or are just too lazy, do hire it out!

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