4 Smart Tips for Caring for Your Fall Lawn - Our Guide

August 19, 2020
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With fall just around the corner, that time of the year has come again for you to gather nature’s bounty and be grateful for it. Moreover, it’s also that time for you to care for your lawn in preparation for the next seasons. 

Fall has all the ideal conditions to help you work with your yard much easier. During this season, the temperatures are cooler and the soil is warm and dry. You don’t have to exhaust yourself from turning heavy mud or frozen soil—so this is an opportunity that you should not pass up on! 

To help you make the most of this favourable season, here are some smart lawn care tips worth following: 

1. Clean It Up 

Fall is the right time to spruce up your lawn and get rid of weeds as well as layers of plant debris. 

You can start with your flower beds and remove old annuals, dried stems, and other debris. You must get rid of these dead plants promptly to protect your soil from diseases and eliminate potential breeding grounds for harmful insects. 

Aside from removing dead plants and parts, you must also use this time to pull out dandelions, crabgrass, and other weeds. Once you have removed them, apply weed preventer to your soil to stop weeds from germinating in your lawn or garden. This ensures that these pesky, undesirable plants will not make a reappearance and sabotage your plants come springtime. 

2. Cut Your Lawn Low 

This is the best time of the year to mow low. This is because the weather is cooler and the sunlight isn’t as harsh. 

Grass can feel the fading light, and its natural reaction is to slow down from its vigorous growth from the previous seasons and reach a dormancy period. Cutting them with the blade on its lowest setting helps the sun reach the crown of the grass. This consequently helps them survive through the season.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about weed invasions within your low-cut grass. The lower temperatures are not conducive for weed seeds to germinate.

3. Plant Bulbs Before The Ground Freezes 

In no time, winter will come around and the ground will start to freeze. It’s best to plant your tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs before this happens. 

Before you plant your bulbs, however, make sure to loosen the soil first. Prepare it for planting further by adding organic nutrients and watering it whenever it starts to dry up. 

4. Keep the Soil Healthy 

In a few months, the harsh winter will come and put significant stress on your soil. To help your lawn withstand the extreme weather and recover healthily in time for spring, you must feed it regularly throughout fall. 

Apply fertilizers and check its soil PH and nutrient levels with a soil test. Additionally, you can take advantage of the rich supply of fallen leaves right in your lawn. All you have to do is shred these leaves and spread a two- to four-inch layer on your soil. This serves as a natural compost that will keep your soil nourished and healthy over winter. 


It’s a smart practice to care for your lawn with the future seasons in mind, especially as you approach the cooler parts of the year. You have to remember that before spring comes, your yard must first experience the harsh and cold months of winter. 

To ensure a simpler and easier spring maintenance, take care of your lawn during fall following the tips mentioned above. 

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