4 Lawn Care Tips to Start Creating Your Perfect Lawn - Our Guide

January 27, 2021
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Having the perfect lawn should be the goal of any homeowner. Not only does it help boost curb appeal and rocket its value up, but it can also make the owner feel much more proud of the property too! 

That being said, many homeowners interested in turning a mediocre lawn into something more eye-catching are worried that it will take a lot of work. While some effort is needed to undertake such a project, knowing exactly what you can do to care for your lawn will make it a much easier endeavour! To make it easier, here our early year lawn care tips to get you started on your road to the perfect lawn:

1. Start planning

Before you get started, you will undoubtedly need to do some planning. This includes scheduling when the lawn treatments should be carried out, along with the dates you should go out to do other lawn-related activities. 

When you have such a plan created, achieving the perfect lawn becomes less of a hassle! By knowing what to do and when to do it, you can streamline your efforts to achieve the best results.

2. Check the equipment

If you have ever done any lawn-related activities, then you should already have some gardening equipment with you. Be sure to run through the pieces of equipment you have, checking each of their conditions to ensure they are ready for use when you start your project. 

If there are any problems with the existing tools, get them fixed immediately! If they are no longer serviceable, then it’s better to replace them and purchase any other equipment you may need.

3. Remove the debris

Debris can cause various problems to your lawn. For instance, leaves left to sit can cause mould to grow and even hinder the growth of the grass. As such, if you spot any type of debris at all on your lawn, get rid of them immediately. This will ensure your lawn looks tidy and clean while still giving the plants all the sun and air they need to thrive. 

Also, try your best to avoid walking on the lawn, especially during colder months like winter. This is because plants like grass are much weaker due to the cold—and walking on them can easily damage them.

4. Limit salting

During cold months, you may be salting your driveway. While this does well in fighting off the ice, it will hurt the lawn should you accidentally scatter salt on it. Salt can cause the grass to dry out, so do your best to limit salting near grassy patches! 

If you want to avoid this problem entirely, use other options, like sand, to cover your driveway. This will still give you the traction you need to get your car in and out of the home properly while still avoiding any damage done to the lawn near it. Also, when shovelling snow, do not pile them on your lawn—this will surely kill your plants if left unattended.


These are all simple tips you can apply to your lawn care plan. While these may not seem to directly affect the lawn itself, these all help in their little way to ensure that your lawn grows perfectly into one that you can truly be proud of! 

That being said, if you do not have the time nor the patience to care for your lawn, then do not be afraid to reach out to property maintenance companies near you. They have everything you need to care for your lawn—and the best part is you do not have to do it yourself!

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