3 Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Landscaping Arrangement

February 17, 2021
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Experiencing winter is a delight to the eyes as the changing of the seasons brings about several changes in the environment. Cooler winds allow different animals to come about while others go into hiding. A white blanket of snow stays above the usual parchment of green and brown in your lawn. These conditions can transform any lawn into completely new scenery. However, everything that can appear pretty can have some hidden detrimental effects.

The harmful effects of winter weather on your lawn

The blanket of white covering your roof and lawn may make it appear clean and pristine. However, it can cover some pretty nasty renovation concerns, such as ice dams, water damage, and the deterioration of your healthy lawn. A home’s structural damage can undergo immediate repairs, but your landscaping can take a heavy toll if you don’t protect it from winter weather.

In this article, we’ll share four ways winter weather can damage your landscaping.

1. Falling debris from windfall

Wind can cause varying levels of damage in any season. However, it’s hazardous when accompanied by snow. These snow drifts can cause snow to pile up on different lawn areas, spreading more damage in some areas than others. It can put extra load on your roofing systems or cause branches to fall from the added weight of snow. It’s best to prune your lawn and keep it safe from tree branches that can snap and fall on your property. It’s also advisable to swipe off your roof’s snow if it’s piling up with no signs of melting any time soon.

2. Decay of plants from lack of moisture

Winter’s cold temperature causes the air to lack moisture, allowing snow, ice, and frost to develop. With a lack of moisture in the environment, plants will be relying on their deep roots to receive sustenance to survive the wintertime. Unfortunately, not all trees and plants can survive the extreme lack of moisture for months on end. You can prune your plants to ensure that your plants will be living under low-maintenance needs. Additionally, you can fertilize your lawn to negate the potential effects of wintertime.

3. Mold damage from untreated snowfall

Mold growth generally comes from untreated water damage in your home’s structures. These contaminants can grow in wood structures and deteriorate your surfaces while spreading harmful spores. However, snow mold growth can also occur in your exteriors, especially on your lawn.

They grow during wintertime when the snow on your turf starts melting. This causes brown and pink patches to be visible on the ground, which are signs of mold that can kill your grass and spread harmful spores. Thankfully, you can utilize the same remedy for dry air through fertilizing. If your lawn receives proper aerating and fertilizing treatments, it’s less likely to encourage mold growth.


Every season has its own set of environmental challenges, depending on your property’s exteriors. This is why you must be aware of the damages you should anticipate to avoid any unnecessary remodeling expenses. Not all homeowners have the time or training to perform the necessary treatments for seasonal lawn preparations, making their lawns vulnerable to the elements. Thankfully, you can hire professional landscaping experts to keep your property looking and feeling healthy all-year-round.

At Lawn Care Alert, we ensure our clients that their landscaping experiences expert treatment all-year-round. If you need professional lawn care services in Burlington Ontario, contact us today!

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