3 Landscaping Mistakes You Need To Be Aware Of

April 7, 2021
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Landscaping is a fun hobby, one that can be incredibly rewarding. The best part about it is that it can be incredibly accessible—you simply have to visit your garden store, pick out the best plants, and make sure they have the right mulch. You can add in a few garden tools to make the project even better, with tiny decorative mushrooms to top everything all. 

It all sounds quite simple, but the reality is that requires hard work. Unfortunately, it encompasses more than just mowing the grass a few times a month, as you’ll need to tend to specific needs. Constantly raking leaves of the grass will likely be a daily routine, all the while trying to keep parasites off your flowers and garden patches.

Landscaping is essentially a hobby that requires constant attention and learning, as every task you do contributes to the sustainable little world you can call your own. A huge part of it means learning all the mistakes you can easily fall into—here are some of them:

Mistake #1: Improper plant placement 

Planting can seem like rocket science, especially since healthy soil means a good spot for your new friend. Unfortunately, plants should be placed on areas by whim nor by aesthetic. Keeping them healthy means carefully considering their needs, which are as follows:

  • Sunlight
  • Water
  • Type of bed (dirt, rocks, mulch)
  • Plant companions 

Plants need proper nutrients to grow their full potential—anything less can compromise their growth. This is how most plants, especially flowers, wilt and die away. Don’t just place them somewhere nice—play them where they can thrive. 

Mistake #2: No proper planning 

Engaging in a landscaping project requires you to put in the effort and sweat, so you’ll want it to last long. However, keep in mind that creating a sustainable landscape isn’t an instant hobby, as you’ll need to come up with a plan that ensures you have what it takes to succeed. Make sure to keep the following elements in mind:

  • The space size
  • Climate and season changes
  • Dangers of insects and other wildlife
  • Water and sunlight needs
  • Functionality and overall design

Such elements can seem overwhelming, but the right plan allows you to create a harmonious landscape that will make your home look more pleasant. All the best things take time, so take everything slowly. Begin by creating a few flower beds, for instance, and slowly build the garden of your dreams as time passes. 

Mistake #3: Placing too many decorations

You’re in it to create a landscape design that’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the process entails you to make the most of the space you have. This could mean adding select ornaments and decorations to keep everything interesting, but too much of anything is never good. Done poorly, you can quickly ruin your overall design. 

A bunch of garden gnomes may seem like a good idea, but adding a single one exudes a quiet charm and elegance. Fountains may also seem groundbreaking, but adding one often detracts from the landscapes’ natural serenity. Simply put, keep things at a minimum!

The Bottom Line

Regardless if you’re a landscaping rookie or a veteran, landscaping is a task that requires ample skill, attention, and the passion to learn. The hobby entails undeniable benefits, but reaping better ones can only be achieved by identifying and learning from your mistakes. The key to successful and sustainable landscaping is proper management and consistency—nothing more, nothing less!

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