3 Effective Ways to Care for Your Lawn After Winter

January 13, 2021
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Having a well-maintained lawn provides you and your family with a place where you can unwind and do outdoor activities together, such as picnics, workout sessions, and intimate gatherings. It also lets you boost your curb appeal and wow your neighbours and visitors. However, caring for your lawn can be challenging, especially during and after winter.

Cold weather can expose your lawn to different risks, such as snow mold, dying plants due to moisture loss, and dead grass patches. Fortunately, various ways can be made to restore your lawn’s health and beauty and get it back in excellent shape.

Get rid of weeds and moss

Your lawn may be overrun with weeds and moss during the cold months. Aside from getting rid of them using different treatments, you must ensure they never grow back. One way to achieve this is by using chemicals. However, keep in mind that they often contain various fertilizers, so read the directions carefully before use to avoid giving your lawn too much of them.

Another way to eliminate weeds and moss is through lawn aeration, which is a process that stimulates root growth, encourages the absorption of nutrients, air, and water into the soil, and helps lawn grasses grow by creating holes in the soil. Consistent aeration can help your lawn grow thick, lush, and healthy turf, discouraging weed and moss growth as you get rid of snow and ice pile-up. 

For best results, wait until peak growing season to aerate your lawn to get maximum moisture and nutrient absorption. Check also for overgrown grasses and consider seeking lawn cutting services.

Soak your lawn

Salt and chemical deicers may have damaged your lawn during winter, which can cause your turf to appear brown and bland. Therefore, wash away excess salt and chemicals by soaking the affected areas as soon as the weather gets better. In addition, water it every morning to help the grass grow healthier.

Use fertilizers

Provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to stay lush and green by giving it some lawn feed. Since many fertilizers are slow-release, you won’t have to worry about over-fertilization. This fertilizer usually comes in pellets or granules that sit on top of your soil. It dissolves over time and provides you with the best long-lasting energy option for your lawn.

On the other hand, you may try applying a quick-release fertilizer to prepare your lawn for spring. This fertilizer turns your unhealthy-looking yard into a green lawn within just several days. Just make sure to be careful when using this type of fertilizer because it can kill your grass when you put too much of it in one spot. 

If you have no idea which type of fertilizer to use, consider seeking the expert assistance of a reliable lawn care provider.


Caring for your lawn can be tedious and stressful, especially after cold months when your grasses and plants are prone to collecting mold and death. Fortunately, you can optimize your lawn’s health after winter by remembering and following the steps listed above. You can also seek help from experienced lawn care professionals to ensure you maintain its tip-top condition.

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