2 Reasons You Must Mow Your Lawn During Spring: Our Guide

March 16, 2021
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Now that the birds are singing, the weather is impeccable, and the grass is greener than ever, it’s clear that spring is here—and that means it’s time to hop back on your springtime chores.

While times like these encourage you to go out and do all outdoor activities that were too cold to do during the winter, it’s still important to be a responsible adult. Considering that the Canadian springtime can be especially vicious when it comes to messing things up and making the average home dirtier than usual, time is of the essence.

An important task you can’t overlook

At this point, you’re most likely getting back on track with your chores and filling up an otherwise brief list of things to do so that you can keep your home ship-shape.

From giving your home’s sides a much-needed deep-clean care to scrubbing the driveways clean of any salt and snow puddle stains, there are many tasks to take care of. Among the different tasks you’ll need to handle, there’s one specific springtime task that bears much greater importance than others: mowing your lawn.

Why it pays to mow your lawn regularly in the spring

Like other parts of your home, its landscaping is something that deserves much more attention and care because of how much it goes through during springtime—a key reason mowing is such a fixed routine. 

With the ability to significantly improve the health and quality of a lawn throughout the spring season (and many months that follow), it’s clear that the chore in question is a key task that can’t be overlooked. To best understand the importance of mowing your yard regularly during this time of year, let’s look at some of the most vital benefits to watch out for: 

1. It goes a long way in protecting your lawn’s health

While springtime lawn mowing was no more than a menial task that you dealt with growing up, the truth is that it’s not just momentary because it helps ensure you keep everything in perfect shape for decades to come. 

When you begin to take care of your yard with constant trimming and maintenance—something that takes only a few hours a week—you help preserve the health of your grass and allow it to grow in the best conditions possible. In fact, enlisting Lawn Care Alert’s property maintenance experts will allow you to ensure that your grass stays green and lush for an eternity! 

2. It helps you save time on time-consuming and ineffective rescue tasks

Compared to other chores on your springtime tasklist that bear little yield and require much time and effort, regular lawn mowing achieves the opposite effect and saves your yard for no more than a fraction of your time! 

You see, avoiding the growing temptation to be careless actually helps save your lawn and keep its condition pristine with minimal effort, meaning that you won’t have to spend more time fertilizing and replanting. With constant mowing, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll have a much healthier garden that won’t require tedious “rescue” work as compared to how it fared in the past! 

However, if you don’t have the time to mow your yard regularly, then there’s no need to worry because Lawn Care Alert can help—we’re just one call away!


As menial as it may seem, mowing your lawn during springtime is one of the most important chores on your to-do list that you shouldn’t overlook because of how much of a difference it can make. Once you make it a habit to keep your grass trimmed and in great shape for no more than a few hours a week, you’ll see tremendous results that will last you a lifetime! 

If you're looking for expert lawn care services in Burlington, Ontario, that can help keep your property's yard in impeccable shape, our experts are here to help take care of your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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