Your Guide For Spring Lawn Care

1. Aeration is the best fertilizer. By using an aerator to pull tiny plugs of grass out of your lawn, you allow more air to reach the root system. This in turn promotes a healthy lawn and results in vigorous new growth.  After aerating, brush sand into the holes to...

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, Halloween is finished and all the leaves have fallen for the year, it's important to prepare your lawn for the coming winter season. Here are 10 tips to prepare your lawn for winter. Remove fallen leaves Remove fallen leaves by raking...

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Fall is Here: 3 Landscaping Tips for Lawn Repair

Fall is in the air for the Greater Toronto Area, and part of lawn care for the season is repairing your grass from a summer full of enjoyment and prepping it for the months ahead. In the landscaping and lawn care industry, we know nothing helps more than aerating,...

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You Forgot…to Water Your Plants and Lawn!

  During the hottest days of summer, it’s important to remember to water your plants! Oh, and don't forget about your grass too. Watering is an essential part of lawn and garden care. Unless you have an irrigation system, your lawn may turn slightly yellow in...

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3 Tips to Help Eliminate Weeds on Your Lawn

They drive you crazy. You've tried everything to get your lawn perfect, but the weeds keep coming back. You've thought about giving up. More than once. Don't worry, trying out these three tips could help your yard in a big way. 1. Pluck the Caps   Before mowing,...

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Our Lawn Makeover Contest is Officially Live

We're pretty happy to welcome the Spring season, aren't you? This season, we're working harder than ever to ensure that your lawn and property is the best on the block. We're happy to announce that we have officially launched our Spring kick-off contest that gives you...

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