A Homeowner’s Guide to Grassy Weeds and Yard Maintenance

man maintaining yard

One of the main thing homeowners like you should look into with spring yard cleanup and general outdoor maintenance is de-weeding grassy pests. While most households often do take the time to hand-pull them, the issue keeps coming back due to a lack of basic understanding of these types of weeds. It can lead to […]

3 Landscaping Mistakes You Need To Be Aware Of

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Landscaping is a fun hobby, one that can be incredibly rewarding. The best part about it is that it can be incredibly accessible—you simply have to visit your garden store, pick out the best plants, and make sure they have the right mulch. You can add in a few garden tools to make the project […]

Lawn Care: Why Your Yard Requires a Seasonal Cleanup

clean seasonal yard

When spring and fall come, most of us start planning out some seasonal cleaning activities in our home. Just like how we want the inside of the house to be clean, the outside should also be kept tidy and organized. Seasonal yard cleanups are an important part of taking good care of your home.  The […]

A Guide to Lawn Care: Prevent Rain or Snow From Ruining Your Yard


Spring has finally arrived in Canada. But that can only mean that with winter cold all gone, you will need to reassess the condition of your yard. Preparing to initiate lawn care is necessary to make way for the new season, where your flowers will be blooming for the next couple of months.  In addition, […]

2 Reasons You Must Mow Your Lawn During Spring: Our Guide

spring lawn

Now that the birds are singing, the weather is impeccable, and the grass is greener than ever, it’s clear that spring is here—and that means it’s time to hop back on your springtime chores. While times like these encourage you to go out and do all outdoor activities that were too cold to do during […]

How to Enhance Your Front Lawn: Our Landscaping Guide

front lawn

When you want to boost your residential property’s curb appeal, enhancing your front lawn will be your best option. As the yard sits between the front of your home and the street, it won’t hurt to transform it by making it more visually appealing and functional. Not only will this kick your curb appeal up […]

How Landscaping Can Effectively Boost Your Property Value


It’s no secret that proper landscaping can increase the value of your residential property. In fact, an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional landscape can add to your home value by up to 20 percent. This is why many homeowners think about hiring expert landscaping services to kick their property up a notch, whether through installing […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Lawn Grass Too Short


One of the common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to their lawns is cutting the grass too short. Mowing the grass too short has a lot of detrimental effects, which can affect not only the health of your lawn but its aesthetic appeal as well. Homeowners cut their grass too short because they think […]

3 Ways Winter Weather Damages Your Landscaping Arrangement


Experiencing winter is a delight to the eyes as the changing of the seasons brings about several changes in the environment. Cooler winds allow different animals to come about while others go into hiding. A white blanket of snow stays above the usual parchment of green and brown in your lawn. These conditions can transform […]

Fantastic Lawn Care Tips That Will Save You a Lot of Time

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Once you start becoming a homeowner, you’ll begin to wear a bunch of hats. And one of your biggest responsibilities is making sure that you’re maintaining your home, no matter how busy you are. Maintaining your home can be quite tricky, especially when you have tiny humans running around your house. For this reason, you […]