5 Summer Lawn Care DON'TS

There are so many great tips and tricks when it comes to lawn care, but sometimes it’s equally as important to know what NOT to do! Summer is the time when most of us enjoy our lawn the most, so here are 5 lawn care DON’TS that we encourage you to take note of.

Don’t water your lawn during the afternoon or night
Mid day water evaporates too quickly minimizing the amount of moisture consumed by your grass. While night time watering can cause lawn disease as water clings to the grass overnight and promotes pests and fungal growth. The optimal time to water your lawn is early morning (before the sun rises) when the air is cool! Obviously we’re not all such early birds, but the earlier you can water, the better!

Don’t smother your lawn
We’re not saying not to smother your lawn with love.. because lets face it, it needs all the care it can get! What we’re referring to is the stress caused by object smothering. For example, while a slip and slide is extremely fun for your kids, smothering the lawn with the plastic will cause damage. Also, items such as kiddie pools placed on your lawn for long periods of time will eventually suffocate and kill the grass. If possible, set it up on a patio or base!

Don’t treat a problem you don’t have
Google can be your best friend and worst enemy. We’re all guilty of searching our symptoms online and landing on a life threatening diagnosis! The same can happen when searching your lawns symptoms online. If you think you may have a pest or fungus problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for a free assessment. Adding unnecessary chemicals to your lawn may do more harm than good and throw off the natural nutrient balance.

Don’t use a dull mower blade
Dull lawn mower blades rip through the grass instead of slicing cleanly causing torn and bruised shoots. This eventually leads to defenceless and stressed brown grass – no good! When mowing, if your cut is looking uneven, or you find the mower is just dragging and flattening your grass, chances are it’s time for a sharpen. This can be done carefully with tools at home!

Don’t mow your grass in the same direction each time
Cutting your lawn in the same direction and pattern each time may be habit, but it’s actually causing your grass to grow and lean in the direction you mow. Nature is smart and learns your routine, causing a rut (which nobody likes) and you may also develop permanent tracks from the mower wheels. Alternating patterns each time helps grass stand tall and is healthy for your lawn!

While this may not technically be on our list, it’s important that you DON’T forget to actually enjoy your lawn this summer! With all the hard work you’re putting in, make sure you take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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